NHS evaluation report

In September, 2017 we were awarded funding from the UK’s National Health Service England to conduct a year long independently co-designed feasibility study to evaluate Care View. The study was carried out by mHabitat and the operational partner was Leeds City Council.

A workshop to co-design an evaluation plan with all Care View stakeholders

Working with all stakeholders (the city council, frontline Health and Social care teams and NHS England) we developed an evaluation plan that involved two core activities. The first was generating hot spots of social isolation using the Care View app across six of the most deprived areas across the city. The second was to respond to this insight with leafletting and door knocking.

Our key findings were as follows:

  1. One in three residents that engaged with the outreach teams who were door knocking in response to the hot spots generated by Care View were experiecing unmet needs. This shows that Care View can be used to identify vulnerable residents who are not yet being engaged by current systems.
  2. Using the Social Value calculator, it is estimated that Leeds City Council saved £60,000 in operational costs as a result of the efficiencies created by Care View. This includes generating as well as sharing hotspots in close co-ordination with multi agency staff across the city.
  3. Our users (Leeds City Council, voluntary sector teams) reported that Care View helped them create new outreach activities as it helped them get a better feel for the area. The teams also found it easier to collaborate more efficiently and co-ordinate their efforts for a specific area.
Snapshot of the visual summary of the NHS England funded feasibility

Click here to download a visual summary [PDF] of the feasibility study.